The Infection Continues

Bubby now has an ear infection and will be on an antibiotic, which I hate to do to him, knowing how much it throws off his digestive system, but he is miserable. His temperature has been fluctuating for the past 2 days and gradually worsening, so I took him to Urgent Care, and both of his ears were red when the doctor looked inside.

I hope he feels better soon; it's really hard taking care of him when he's like this, and I had to miss work today and therefore lost some income, so all around, it's a big stress-fest. That's all beside the point that I've had no chance to get out the camera, and even if I did, who wants to see pictures of a little guy in pain and very much unhappy about an ear infection? Those aren't the memories I want.

I hope you all are having more luck with the bug going around. Health wishes for all!


  1. Oh, poor Bubby. I hope he feels better soon. I hope you are feeling better. This bug really sucks. I wish the cold weather would kill it off. I am sending warm wishes your way. I hope you have a better weekend.

  2. Aw I hope he feels better soon. Looks like our kids got hit at the same time. We took Rose to the doctor and she has the bug plus an ear infection also. She is on the pink stuff antibiotic. I would say two days ago was the worst day I have had yet with her. She was panting like a dog all day with a temp of 102.5 and the tylenol plus advil was not really taking it down. I really hope Bubby feels better soon! I feel so bad when the kids are sick. I am now waiting for Tootsabella to catch it. It's just a matter of time until she falls into the ocean of mucus that Rose has created. I hope relaxation comes soon for you. Wishing you the best of luck.