The Infection Continues

Bubby now has an ear infection and will be on an antibiotic, which I hate to do to him, knowing how much it throws off his digestive system, but he is miserable. His temperature has been fluctuating for the past 2 days and gradually worsening, so I took him to Urgent Care, and both of his ears were red when the doctor looked inside.

I hope he feels better soon; it's really hard taking care of him when he's like this, and I had to miss work today and therefore lost some income, so all around, it's a big stress-fest. That's all beside the point that I've had no chance to get out the camera, and even if I did, who wants to see pictures of a little guy in pain and very much unhappy about an ear infection? Those aren't the memories I want.

I hope you all are having more luck with the bug going around. Health wishes for all!