Late Night

Hello, world! Although it is late, I wanted to make my first post to tell you that I am excited to start sharing my life with you and promoting my photography services. I hope you'll get something out of my posts and follow me on my continuing journey of learning. It's a constant process, ensuring that there will always be something to discover.
If you follow my blog, I will follow you back. I hope to get some photos uploaded tomorrow, as this IS a photography blog! For now, I must attend to my poor little guy who is sick in my bed and will be restless tonight, as he has a fever and a runny nose. I feel so bad for him, being that he is only 1 year and 3 months old and cannot tell me what he is feeling.
Take care, and I will blog at you soon!



  1. Thank you for stopping by and following. I hope little guy will be ok. Take care and try and get some rest. I am now following.

  2. Oh and I am looking forward to checking out your photos.

  3. I am so exited you got a blog. I will check out your blog all the time like I do Bonnie's. Hope your little guy will get better soon. We are all coming down with something too. It must be the sudden change of weather we are having. Wishing you a calm night.